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Purchasing Antiques

This is my first news column for my updated website. I intend to write a column each month and I encourage comments. The more interactive this site, the more beneficial this is for everyone. Today’s Subject; Purchasing Antiques. Unless you are an expert, one must be...

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Woodrow Wilson Knapp ( Lt. J.G.)

Spending years in Vietnam during the war can take its tole, even if you are not a combat soldier. While there, I tried to come back to reality every six months by taking a brief R&R. Usually I went to Hawaii and once, I returned home to Australia. But this particular...

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Authors and Egos

There is really nothing wrong with ego as long as one does not allow it to become inflated. In fact, I think ego is a good thing. It spurs us on, it allows us some pride. It is a sad thing if someone has lost their ego. This generally does not occur with writers. We...

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My Favourite Review

I seldom post reviews but this one, received on April 4 is my favourite for several reasons. Importantly, it came from an Army Sergeant and even more important, he credits me with making changes to the way the NCO military clubs are now managed. Furthermore, I was...

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