Pair of Unique Antique Perfume Bottles

$350.00 $250.00



These should have been snapped up already. They are so different and so beautiful. The centerpieces are hand-painted porcelain with ornate enamel surrounds. The workmanship is lovely. The dainty crystal stoppers are perfect with no chips, as are the bottles themselves. There is slight wear to the gilding around the rims but there is not much gilding and it goes unnoticed. In the photo the one on the left has glare from the camera which makes it look faded but the porcelain painting¬† is just as good and as bright as the one on the right. They are American, early 1900’s. There is no name underneath but they are numbered. I am reluctant to lower the price on these because I know they are irreplaceable and I know their value but I reluctantly will put them on sale.


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